A Question of Change

You can't go back

You can’t go back

The picture of the crab tree and my Mustang were taken several years ago.  The tree suffered damage over the last couple of years and is missing many branches now.  The Mustang has turned into the most unreliable form of transportation I can imagine.  Looking at this picture now brings me to the questions that have been rolling through my mind – keep or let go.  You go through the pros and cons of any given thing, trying to decide if you can stand the change, will miss it, can choose something that will make you feel the same.  And you realize that you can’t go back.

I want a car I can rely on.  I want a car that turns heads.  I want a convertible.  I want a killer stereo system. In that order.

I have never bought the right crab tree   The color I think I selected is never what I end up with.  The tree in that location blocks the view of the pond.  The tree shades the daffodils that were planted underneath.

This is the car I drove around in with my mom and picked lilacs.  I can haul things in it and drove home from Ingrid’s at 2:00 in the morning with the top down and the heater blasting.  I set off car alarms with it.  It is the female to my husbands Boss 302.

It is a full grown tree and I have no idea what I would put there.


Why does it remind me of my life?

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The Question of Renewal

The Question of Renewal

Crab Apple and Mustang taken a few years ago

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